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Caddell Electric is not your average electrical company and has everything you need to get your home back into shape concerning electrical. They are Master Electricians that have a very large list of happy customers as you can easily see on the review sites. They can quickly respond to your needs and they work 24/7 to help with any emergency you may have. Their technicians are highly trained and they do no use the fear tactics and price gouging that many electrical contractors at their level tend to use. Their rates are the same no matter what home they are servicing. 

It is obvious that customer satisfaction is their number one goal and it is because they have a real heart for people. Lance Caddell is involved in volunteer and charity organizations and has special place in his heart for disabled veterans. There are many reasons you should use Caddell Electric to handle all of your electrical needs, but the number one reason is that you will be working with some of the best technicians in the DFW area. They are family owned and operated and will treat you with the highest respect. We believe that you can't go wrong giving Caddell Electric a call.

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