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The Good Contractors List was Founded by John Stewart Hill in 2011 just six months after suffering a massive heart attack. With no money, no expert management teams, and no experience owning a company, John and his wife Cindy continued to follow their hearts. The Good Contractors List survived, while other contractor resources (backed by millions and highly paid management teams) crashed within the first year, never to be seen again in DFW. God uses the weak things to show Himself strong! TGCL comes from very humble roots and is operated by a small team of local DFW individuals who care deeply about protecting homeowners from unscrupulous contractors.

We believe in all of our contractors so much that we back every job they do with a $10,000 guarantee. It was our belief from the beginning that if we call a contractor GOOD, that we better be able to back it up. Many thought we were crazy to offer a $10,000 guarantee on even one contractor, let alone a whole list. Over a decade later, we are still surviving and thriving thanks to our wonderful contractors, the amazing homeowners we serve, and the grace and mercy of Jesus…the REAL CEO and GOOD Contractor! He was not only a carpenter, but is the Master Builder of our company and lives!