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The Good Contractors List Story


The Good Contractors List was founded in 2011 by John Stewart Hill' a man who had just survived a massive heart attack. With no money' no expert management team‘and no experience in running a company' John and his wife Cindy followed their hearts and started a journey that would change the lives of many homeowners in DFW. Despite the odds‘The Good Contractors List not only survived but thrived‘while other contractor resources backed by millions of dollars and highly paid management teams crashed and disappeared within the first year.

John' s story is a testament to the power of faith and determination. After his heart attack‘he was told that he had a 5% chance of surviving. But John and his wife Cindy believed in something greater. They believed that their struggles were an opportunity for God to show His strength in their weakness. And so‘they embarked on a mission to protect homeowners from unscrupulous contractors.

The Good Contractors List started with a small team of local DFW individuals who shared John and Cindy' s passion for integrity and quality workmanship. They believed that every homeowner deserved to have peace of mind when it came to hiring a contractor. And so‘they set out to create a list of good contractors who shared their values and were committed to delivering exceptional service.

But John and his team didn' t stop there. They knew that talk is cheap‘and they wanted to back up their claims with action. That' s why they introduced a $10,000 guarantee on every job that their contractors did. Many thought they were crazy‘but John and his team were convinced that if they called a contractor good‘they should be able to back it up.

Over a decade later‘The Good Contractors List is still thriving. They' ve helped countless homeowners find reliable and trustworthy contractors‘and their guarantee has never been broken. John' s story is a reminder that with faith‘determination‘and a commitment to integrity‘anything is possible.

But John will be the first to tell you that the real CEO of The Good Contractors List is Jesus. He' s the Master Builder who has guided the company every step of the way. He' s the one who has given John and his team the strength to persevere through the tough times and the wisdom to make the right decisions.

The Good Contractors List is more than just a company - it' s a ministry. It' s a calling that John and his team have answered with humility and dedication. They know that their work is not just about building homes‘but about building lives. And they' re grateful for the opportunity to serve their community and make a difference in the world.