Ministry | The Good Contractors List


The Good Contractors List has been a platform to do more than provide good contractors to homeowners. We use a portion of our advertising to connect the Body of Christ in ways that will advance His Kingdom in our area of influence. He has given freely and everything we do is given freely.


This website is a gathering place for c onnecting prayer warriors across DFW and eventually beyond. Our vision is to see a concerted effort to pray specifically over every neighborhood and city street in the DFW area. We will be utilizing intercessors in many different ways to create a Prayer Map. Prophetic Intercessors will go into cities and neighborhoods and ask the Holy Spirit to show them the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness over an area and create a united prayer focus that we can share with all the prayer warriors in their areas. We will have some who are led to do prayer walks through neighborhoods and make proclamations over the area. Our ultimate goal is to create a Prayer Map for every area and share it with everyone. Uniting in prayer to push back the enemy will open the door for the next step…bringing light where the darkness was pushed back.


We are currently rebuilding this website and it will be a way for those seeking fellowship on any given day to find a fellowship. In the Bible, the Church met house to house and met in public areas. They met in the temple daily where they preached Jesus to the those who knew the Torah. However, they were quickly ran out and persecuted for teaching in Jesus name. This was the original Church where relationships were built and Christian Culture was introduced through great persecution. There were no denominations, everybody played a part, people gave so that others would have and not to fund large buildings and salaries. Things are much different now and, with the resources we have, traditional churches could make a huge impact beyond getting people into their establishment. They could equip their members to run house churches and minister to the lost that find these home gatherings. When we begin running ads for the church Life Group can now transition into a house church that is open to those seeking fellowship. There are also people who already have house churches or want to establish one that can create and list their house church. The new website will be more social and sharable, so it has the potential to propagate quickly. 

CENTRAL STOREHOUSE is where you will see th e overall vision of the websites we want to build and what we want to be able to do to help “the least of these” and make a change across the globe. We are taking a “No Ulterior Motives” approach by not using donations for personal gain. Every dime would go toward expanding the Kingdom and doing outreach. Imagine a kind of United Way but for Kingdom purposes.