Prepare for Summer Heat

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Summer is almost here! It’s time for barbecues, swimming in the pool, and lounging outside with a cold glass of sweet tea. There’s no better time of year.

Now, we all know Texas weather can get a little crazy (looking at you, Snowpocalypse!), and our summers are down-right scorchers. So before you put on your floaties and head outside with the neighbors, you have to make sure your home is ready to handle it on the inside.

Your friends at The Good Contractors List have made the perfect summer prep list for the hot weather–let’s check some of these must-do’s off your list!

Check windows and door thresholds

Keeping the hot air outside will keep your home cool AND save you money on your electric bill. Check that all of your windows are properly sealed and re-caulk any areas that need attention. And when you open the windows for a little fresh air, make sure they close completely when it’s time to cool down!

Your weather stripping wears down over time at your door thresholds, but fortunately, it is easy to replace! Two screws in the right place can get you good as new!


Update your insulation

Insulation keeps the cool air in and the hot air out. It’s an easy process to add new insulation on top of the existing in your attic. It’s also worth considering how to ventilate your attic–when temperatures reach 90 degrees, your attic can easily climb into the 100’s! Installing an attic ceiling fan or wide vents can keep hot air from building up. 


Schedule your yearly HVAC tune-up

Your AC has been dormant for several months while temperatures remained low. Now that it’s time to kick back into action, unforeseen technical difficulties may occur. Scheduling a yearly HVAC tune-up will nip these problems in the bud and ensure the long-term health of your AC system for years to come! 

This also includes cleaning the unit and replacing those air filters to guarantee the best airflow and reduce the strain on your system. And clean air filters mean better air quality, which reduces dust and season allergy symptoms. 



If time or tasks have you in a bind, don’t be afraid to reach out for a little bit of help! The Good Contractors List is here to bring you the quality contractors you deserve. Visit to find trustworthy DFW contractors near you. We only allow the very best to be on The List, and we back their work with a $10,000 guarantee!


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