Home Service Business: Top 10 Home Service Businesses to Start in 2024

Top 10 Home Service Businesses to Start in 2024

Home service businesses are booming, and for good reason. With more people prioritizing comfort and convenience in their living spaces, the demand for various home services is on the rise. If you’re looking to start a new business in 2024, home services offer a promising avenue. In this article, we’ll explore ten home service businesses that are expected to thrive in the coming year.

Top 10 Home Service Businesses to Start in 2024

1. Home Cleaning Services

Growing demand: As people’s lives get busier, they have less time for cleaning, creating a high demand for professional cleaning services.

Starting costs: The initial investment is relatively low, mostly covering cleaning supplies and basic equipment. If you start small, you can even use your personal vehicle.

Profit potential: Regular clients and deep cleaning jobs can bring in a steady income. Expanding into commercial cleaning can also boost your earnings.

2. Lawn Care Services

Market needs: Homeowners want their lawns to look good but often lack the time or expertise for proper maintenance. This is where lawn care services come in.

Initial investment: Moderate costs are involved, primarily for lawn care equipment like mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers.

Earning opportunities: There’s high earning potential, especially during the spring and summer months. Offering additional services, like landscaping, can further increase profits.

3. Handyman Services

Constant demand: There’s always a need for skilled handymen to handle various repairs and maintenance tasks around the home.

Startup requirements: Low to moderate costs, depending on the range of services you offer. Basic tools and a reliable vehicle are essential.

Income potential: Consistent demand ensures a steady income. Building a good reputation can lead to repeat business and referrals.

4. Home Remodeling Services

Popularity surge: More homeowners are investing in home renovations to improve their living spaces or increase property value.

Setup costs: Higher initial costs for tools, permits, and marketing. Depending on the scale of the projects you take on, you may need a team of skilled workers.

Revenue possibilities: High earnings from large-scale projects like kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, and room additions.

5. Plumbing Services

Essential nature: Plumbing is a crucial service with constant demand due to the regular occurrence of plumbing issues in homes.

Necessary expenses: Moderate costs for certification, tools, and a service vehicle. You’ll also need to stay up-to-date with local plumbing codes and regulations.

Profit margins: High, especially for emergency services and complex jobs. Regular maintenance contracts provide steady income.

6. Electrical Services

Continuous demand: Homes constantly need electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades, ensuring a steady flow of work.

Required investment: Moderate to high, including the cost of certification, tools, and possibly a team of electricians.

Earnings outlook: High earning potential due to the specialized nature of the work. Regular maintenance contracts with businesses can also be lucrative.

7. Pest Control Services

Growing need: As awareness about health and hygiene increases, so does the demand for pest control services to keep homes pest-free.

Setup costs: Moderate, covering necessary licensing, equipment, and chemicals. You’ll also need to stay informed about the latest pest control methods.

Potential profits: Steady income from regular treatments and long-term contracts with residential and commercial clients.

8. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Services

High demand: HVAC systems are essential for maintaining comfortable living conditions, creating a consistent need for installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Initial costs: High, including training, certification, and specialized equipment. You may also need a service vehicle.

Revenue potential: High, particularly during extreme weather seasons when heating and cooling systems are in high demand.

9. Home Security Services

Increasing demand: With growing concerns about safety, more homeowners are investing in home security systems and services.

Investment needed: Moderate to high, depending on the technology and installation services you offer. Training in the latest security systems is crucial.

Profit potential: High, with ongoing monitoring and maintenance fees providing a steady stream of income.

10. Appliance Repair Services

Ongoing need: As home appliances age and break down, the need for reliable repair services remains constant.

Starting expenses: Low to moderate, primarily for tools and training. Specializing in certain brands or types of appliances can also be beneficial.

Earnings potential: Steady income with the potential for growth as you build a reputation for quality service.


Starting a home service business in 2024 can be both rewarding and profitable. With the growing demand for these services, there’s ample opportunity to build a successful business. Whether you choose to focus on cleaning, lawn care, remodeling, or any of the other services listed, the key is to provide excellent service and build a loyal customer base. So, leap and start your home service business this year!

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