Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Fall is finally here and soon winter will be upon us–are you ready for the big chill? (Though hopefully not as big as last winter’s Snowpocalypse!) 

It’s not just your honey with a to-do list this season, your home has one too! Lots of little things can be easily overlooked during the temperature change, but these little oversights could cost you big money later. Don’t let frozen pipes, bad insulation, or damaged yard equipment get you down–follow our Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall and you’ll be ready for it all!


  • Stow Yard Equipment

Your lawnmower can be a best friend during spring and summer, and it’s time to give it some much needed rest as the grass goes dormant. Store your mower in a dry area, but don’t forget to clean it first! If you have a gas-powered mower, remember to add some fuel stabilizer to save your gas or run the engine until the gas is gone. This is also a great opportunity to clean out any grass or gunk that may have gotten stuck underneath during the season.

Removing garden hoses from their faucets is another necessity as the weather cools. Attached hoses can keep water backed up in the pipes–a disastrous combination if we hit a freeze. Draining your sprinkler system is a must for the same reason.

  • Seal Leaks and Holes

It’s time to caulk your world–or at least your house. Seal up any cracks you find in your house’s exterior. Good places to check are in window/door frames, between trim and siding, and anywhere pipes or wires enter your home. 

Not only will these new seals keep moisture from leaking into your house, they will also save you money. Your temperature-controlled air won’t be going in or out without your say-so now. 


  • Gutter Gunk Removal

After the leaves have left your trees, give your gutters a final inspection. Remove any clogs or debris that may have gotten stuck and replace areas that are damaged. You can also take this opportunity to tighten gutter hangers and downspout brackets–y’know, while you’re up there. 

  • How’s the Heat?

Schedule and inspection for your furnace or heating system to make sure everything is operational before the first big cold front. The last thing you want is no heat right when your family needs it most. If you have a fireplace, go ahead and have a chimney sweep clean out any old residue or unwanted debris. A roaring fire will work wonders in the cold weather!

Changing your home’s air filters will also help your heater control the temperature without causing excess strain on its system. 

  • Plant Pruning

As your plants and trees enter their dormant period, there is no better time to do some pruning! Trimming back tree limbs and bushes about 3 feet from your home will keep moisture from dripping onto your roof and siding as well as protect it from high-force winds. 

If your yard has been invaded by any pesky weeds, this is also an ideal time to spray poison and pull up the sleeping nuisances. 


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