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Total Plumbing Service Inc.

Total Plumbing Service Inc.

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Total Plumbing Service Inc. was the total package when it came to plumbing service for us. To start with they were referred by other plumbers as one of the most honest and high integrity plumbers in the DFW area. When your competitors are bragging about their competition, you know you have found someone special. When we met with the owner, Richard Simpson, we could see why. Richard is one of the most respected plumbers in the area and is a caring person that would rather lose money than see a customer not be satisfied.

Total Plumbing Services Inc. has been in operation since 1996, but Richard has nearly 50 years of experience in the business and has been around plumbing since he was a boy. They can handle any type of plumbing issue both residential and commercial, but residential service is where they shine. You will no doubt be pleased from start to finish when you trust the guys at Total Plumbing Service Inc. M-39319

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