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Load Bearing Wall Pros is a framing contractor who specializes in wall removal, located in the heart of Plano. Their business is SAFELY removing load bearing walls to open up floor plans. With over 1,000 walls removed since 2007, Load Bearing Wall Pros is the DFW authority on structural wall removal. 

Taking down walls is all the rage on the Home and Garden channel, but get it wrong and you will have more than egg on your face. Would you let “2 Bucks in a truck” perform the equivalent of open-heart-surgery on your home? Don’t lay down at night hoping they got it right; bring in Load Bearing Wall Pros and have peace of mind knowing it was done correctly. Give them a call for a free consultation and evaluation of any concerns you might have regarding the structure of your biggest single investment. In most cases, they can give you a ballpark price over the phone within 4-6 minutes. 

One significant difference between Load Bearing Wall Pros and the standard “Framer” is that they are well schooled in working in occupied homes. While wall removal is a messy process, they remain conscientious of your home and your possessions. A clean job site is a happy job site. 

Give Load Bearing Wall Pros a call, and let them know you found them on The Good Contractors List!

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