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When speaking with the owner of Force Home Services, it became clear that there is one under riding current through everything they do, and that is a demand for excellence. You will find it in the type of employee they send to your home, the qualify of work delivered, and the final goal of your 100% satisfaction. 

Force Home Services knows that one of their biggest responsibilities is that they send technicians to your home that are trustworthy. During the initial interview, Ron said something that every business owner should adopt, and that was "I have teenage daughters. Their safetey is one of my highest responsibilities. I have the same responsibility to our customers. If I can't trust a techniciain in my home, with my family and valuables, I can't trust them in your home. I'll never send someone to your home that I would not trust with my family." Each employee goes through a vetting process prior to being hired. Once that employee has passed the background check and drug test, they are assigned an ID badge bearing the workers digital photo. None of this is required by Texas Law, but is proviided by Ron and his company because they are truly concerned about the type of person they are sending into your home with your family. 

Concerned about pricing? How do you know you're getting the best price you can? All of the technicians at Force Home Services work from a company provided pricing guide instead of a hand-written estimate given at the time of service. Ron and his tream provide not only a buyback guarantee, but also a proposed invenstment guarantee. So, if the amount proposed the first time is not accurate, they complete the additional work at their own expense. 

And lastly, their decidication to your satisfaction is outstanding. Their technicians guarantee their work. If the repair fails, they will come back and fix it for free. Your technician will give you his cell phone number and you can contact him directly. If fo rany reason you are dissatisfied with the service, the company, or your technician, call the owner, Ron Strelke and he will personally attend to your concern. 

The Good Contractors trusts Force Home Services- You can too!

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