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Brick Restoration, Inc.

Brick Restoration, Inc.

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About Brick Restoration, Inc.

Brick Restoration, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1993. Since then, they have taken great pride in providing their customers with a 5-star experience through their courtesy and quality workmanship. 

Brick Restoration, Inc. is not the stereotypical contractor. They listen to their customers and are always looking to improve. That's why over the years, they have developed many services and solutions that have now become industry standards. 

What makes Brick Restoration Inc. different?

BRI's brand promises serve as the cornerstone of the organization. Since the inception, BRI has prided themselves on upholding the following promises for EVERY customer. 

5-Star Experience: Brick Restoration prides itself on following the golden rule: treat every customer how they would want to be treated. They have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction & a focus on improving properties AND improving lives. 

Clarity & accuracy in price & scope: Brick Restoration regularly reviews their process to ensure that they are in line with industry standards so that their customers always receive the best value. They strive to go above and beyond to ensure that they have all of the information their customers need when they receive a proposal for work. 

Undetectable repairs at a glance: Throughout their over 30 years in business, Brick Restoration's masonry technicians have been called: artists or even magicians because of their ability to make their cracks and other masonry flaws disappear. Their goal is to make sure that the repairs go unnoticed and guarantee the closest possible match on brick repairs. 

Their full array of masonry solutions

From minor cracks in residential brick houses to major structural damage, they are experts in masonry repair. They not only repair the damage, they restore the structure to its original beauty. 

Masonry Crack Repair Due to Foundation Settlement or deterioration

Repairing damaged archways & window lintels

Precise Brick color & texture match

Chimney and fireplace repairs

Water repellent & weather treatment services

Paver, Stone & Stucco Repair

This company is built on the promise that they do not simply repair the problem, but they restore your property to its original beauty. If you are looking for full-service masonry solutions, give Brick Restoration, Inc. a call today!

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