7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard

7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Whether you’re a new homeowner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or are thinking of starting fresh this year with your landscaping, this spring is the best time to spruce your yard up with something new.

Temperatures are warming up which means you’ll have more opportunity to spend a little extra time outside to achieve the yard you desire.

What’s great about sprucing up your yard is that it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are just a few budget-friendly ways to spruce up your yard.

Add some lighting

Between intimate gatherings, and nights spent outdoors this spring, your yard may need to be brightened up a bit. String lights are a classic way to add some more lighting to your yard.

They’re affordable, easy to find online or in-store, and make a large difference in your space. You can even go for tiki torches as a way to illuminate your yard and protect you from the pesky mosquitoes and pests in Dallas-Fort Worth.

In addition to string lights, consider the practicality and charm of tiki torches. These traditional yet functional sources of light not only contribute to the overall aesthetics of your yard but also serve the practical purpose of warding off bothersome mosquitoes and pests that are prevalent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With tiki torches, you can create a dual-purpose lighting solution that adds both elegance and functionality to your outdoor gatherings.

Hanging planters

If you find that your yard could use some more color and dimension, an inexpensive way to do this is by simply installing hanging planters.

There are endless planter options to choose from, and when paired with a vibrant plant, can make for a beautiful display. If you’re looking to get extra crafty this year, you can always DIY a wooden or woven planter.

So, whether you choose to explore the diverse range of ready-made options or embark on a hands-on journey of crafting, hanging planters are your ticket to infusing your yard with an irresistible charm that celebrates the beauty of nature and the creative spirit within you.

Install fancy fencing

Perhaps you’re seeking some more privacy this spring so that you can spend more time catching rays in your yard. Spring is the perfect time to install new fencing or upgrade your fencing.

Fencing doesn’t need to be an expensive investment and when you find a professional near you that can help, the process should be just a breeze. If you’re looking to install fencing this year in your home to spruce up your yard, take a look at the fencing contractors here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Plant perennials

There are two things that planting perennials can do for your yard this year—add vibrant pops of color, and save you lots of money in the end. Perennials come back year and year, so the initial planting will be the only investment you need to make. Hydrangeas, lavender, and tulips are just a few ideas to get you started with.

Add outdoor decor

Outdoor decor is ultimately one of the easiest ways to spruce up your garden. There are plenty of DIYs you can do yourself, or if you’re lucky you’ll be able to find some affordable outdoor decor at your local garden shop.

This is the perfect way to sprinkle a bit of your own personal style into your outdoor space and will be worth every minute spent!

Add comfortable seating

If one of your goals is to enjoy your yard a bit more this spring season and beyond, add some seating! Seating is always a functional choice to have in your garden as it can accommodate you and your guests.

If you’re looking to save some money this year for outdoor seating, you can always upcycle old furniture, DIY, or resort to antique pieces. It’s a bit of a creative challenge that you’ll have full control over to create the outdoor look you desire.

Clean up edging

When it comes to your yard, sometimes the smallest changes can make the largest difference. Cleaning up your lawn edging not only keeps the health of your lawn in check, it also helps you sustain a clean, uniform look that you’ll never get tired of looking at.

Landscapers are your best bet for finding a professional to help you achieve this for your yard this year. Take a look at the landscapers here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who may be able to accommodate you at an offer you can’t deny.

Sprucing up your yard can get pricey, but it never has to be! If you find that you need a professional’s guidance or help to get your yard right this season, The Good Contractors List has you covered.

Our contractors have experience working with new and existing homeowners to ensure that they get the quality they deserve at a competitive price. Visit our website here, to find a contractor near you!

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