Before moving into your new home, your to-do list may feel as though it’s never-ending, but the truth is, getting some home projects completed before moving in can save you a lot of time, money, stress and hassle in the end.

Below are a few home projects you can complete before moving in so that you can check some major things off your list before it’s time to start unboxing. 

1. Interior painting

Adding some fresh paint to the interior of your home can instantly elevate, brighten and personalize your space. Although it may seem simple, it can make your space feel brand new. Painting the interior of your home can include walls, ceilings, and trims. It is something that can also be done in a timely manner before moving in.

Whether you choose to DIY this step or not, know that there are trusted contractors on our list who can knock the project out for you. Check out our list of painting contractors near the DFW area, here.

2. Replacing the major appliances

Your appliances are an important aspect of your new home. Moving into a home with appliances that aren’t working or in good condition can add on to the stress and timeline of settling in comfortably into your home.

Replacing major appliances, if applicable, can save you a lot of time and money down the road. It will be one less thing that you have to worry about, and can make your move-in experience all the more enjoyable.

3. Fix up flooring

Before covering up your floor with furniture and other materials when you move in, inspect the flooring and see if it needs any fixing up or replacing.

The time before moving in is a great chance to fix up flooring since you’ll likely have a lot in the way when it’s time to unbox and move in furniture. Take advantage of the time you have to fix flooring before move-in, another aspect that can make your new home feel fresh, clean and good as new.

4. Install fencing

For homeowners who are moving in with families, pets, or are simply interested in designing their own private outdoor space, fencing can add a great element to your home before moving in. 

This is something that is best to consult with a contractor to discuss your plans and options before your move. Take a look at some of our trusted, local DFW fencing contractors here.

5. Yard cleanup

Speaking of your outdoor space, the time before you move in is a great time to tidy up your yard. This includes lawn care, getting rid of branches and debris, and adding new mulch. 

While you don’t have to completely revamp your yard, doing a bit of tidying up can freshen up your home’s exterior.

6. HVAC system check up

When moving into a new home, especially in north Texas, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate an HVAC system that is in tune and in great shape. This includes making sure that there are no signs of mildew, damages, odor, or rust. 

A professional contractor can be a great resource to inspect your HVAC system routinely, not only before you move in, but while you’re living in your home as well. Get in touch with an HVAC contractor here that can help you inspect your HVAC system before moving in. 

7. Electrical inspections

Another inspection that can come in handy before moving into a property that can save large amounts of money in the future are electrical inspections. A professional can review all wires and systems to make sure everything is intact or if any updates are needed. Take a look at our trusted electricians in the DFW area, here.

Sure, moving in can be both exciting and a hassle, but the home improvement projects above can make your place feel like home even before moving in and give you peace of mind.

If you’re in need of a trusted contractor to address your home improvement needs prior to moving in, The Good Contractors List has got you covered. Visit us here to choose a contractor based on your location and your needs.

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