Before hiring just any contractor for your next home remodel or project, it’s always worth going the extra mile to ensure that they can not only complete your project in a timely manner, but also will protect you and your home as well.

We’re here to provide some tips for hiring a contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for your next home project.

Get recommendations from people you know

When in doubt, start by getting recommendations from the people you know. This includes friends, family, and maybe even a trusted neighbor. Utilize local Facebook Groups, or even apps such as Nextdoor.

This can be a great place to steer you in the right direction so you can get your project done on time and how you want it.

Conduct your own investigation

When hiring a contractor, it’s worth doing your own research.

Things such as reviews, getting in touch with former clients, or visiting sites that your prospective contractor has worked at can help give further clarity on whether or not they’re a right fit for the job. 

Oftentimes, a bit of digging can go a long way to bring peace of mind before committing to hire a contractor for your home model, home repair, or maintenance.

Carefully review the contract

A written agreement will not only protect the contractor, but most importantly, it will protect you and your home, too. 

Before signing a contract, be sure to carefully read every word. A trustworthy, reliable contractor will give you the time you need to review it before signing, and will not rush you into signing for the sake of a sale. 

Additionally, ensuring that the contract has statements including the payment schedule, your right to cancel, a list of all materials and brands used on the project, and more are key factors to look for. 

Compare estimates 

When narrowing down the right contractor for your job, it’s important that you have a short list of potential options to work with. 

Once you have a small list of contractors that you think may be able to be a good fit, be sure to compare estimates between them. Though it may be tempting to choose the lowest offer and bidder, be sure to really look into the reason why there is such a significant difference.

Legitimate contractors will typically have estimates that are closely within range to each other. 

Ask the right questions

It never hurts to ask as many questions as possible when searching for the right contractor. Not only can this streamline your options, it will also help you avoid any potential home improvement and home remodel scams. 

Ask contractors questions such as:

  • “May I have a list of references?”
  • “What types of insurance do you carry?”
  • “Will my project require a permit?”
  • “What will the payment schedule look like?” TIP: Never hire a contractor that asks for 100% payment upfront. For relatively small jobs, contractors may ask for a 50% deposit. For large jobs, like a home renovation, a 10%–20% deposit is likely.

These questions can go a long way in giving you the information you need to make your decision. 

Hire your next contractor with The Good Contractors List

Once you feel ready to hire a contractor for your next home project, know that The Good Contractors List can help you find a trusted contractor here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Each and every Dallas-Fort Worth contractor on our list has been fully vetted and background checked. We did all of the digging and research so you don’t have to. Additionally, all of the contractors on our List are backed with our $10,000 guarantee. This means that no matter how your project is handled, you and your home will be protected and handled to your satisfaction. If any issues arise, we will step in to mediate and make sure everything is taken care of. 

We know how daunting it may be to hire a contractor for your next home project. Know that The Good Contractors List is here to make that process simpler. 

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